Education & Strategic Training Initiative (STI)


The nearest facility to Buffalo Lake is Portage College, located in Lac La Biche, Alberta Students attend other colleges and universities throughout Alberta.


Solar Panel Project that was held in Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement was a success they completed their course on November 23, 2017. There were 9 participants that complete the project. Each participant has the knowledge and experience to install solar panels. They also completed an academic portion of the project which they were all successful at. I am pleased that these participant opened the door to new and better way to save energy. I hope each participant pursues a career in solar panel there are colleges in Alberta that have solar panel courses.


Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement STI sponsored 12 community members to participate in the the Tiny Homes Project.
As of October 13, 2017 the project was completed with a Tiny Home built and on display near the north side water treatment plant here in Buffalo Lake. Each participant completed the program with safety tickets and obtained an Apprenticeship number. This will allow each participant to get their blue book so their hours can be collected. These hours will help each participant to pursue schooling in the trade of Carpentry. Apprentices work in the field for approximatly 80% of their time and 20% in technical training. These participants can continue working towards more hours, to go on to do technical training.